Electric vehicle charging business partners:


MECOM Power and Construction Limited is a renowned integrated construction engineering contractor in Macau specializing in undertaking highly challenging and complex structural construction works project, high voltage power substation construction projects and facilities management maintenance works for large scale hotel/entertainment venues.

EHY Construction and Engineering Company Limited and Sun Hung Yip Engineering Construction Company Limited are mainly responsible for construction business in Macau for the Group, while EHY Construction and Engineering Company Limited was set up based on the business of Engenharia Hung Yip and Engenharia Hung Yip which was established in Macau in 2000.

Over the last decade, MECOM has participated in a wide range of large-scale and high profile technically challenging structural steelwork and civil engineering construction projects as well as high voltage power substation construction projects in Macau.

Among these works, three landmark projects were honored with the gold award (Hong Kong-Macau Region) by China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA): the podium roof and the world’s largest water-based extravaganza of a large-scale integrated resort in Cotai; the world’s first free-form exoskeleton skyscraper luxury hotel designed by a legendary architect; and the ballroom and theatre roof structural steelwork of a Paris-themed integrated casino resort in Cotai.

As for the high voltage substations construction and its system installation works, the Group undertook the construction of Macau’s currently largest 220/110kV Power Substation in Lotus in Cotai for a sole concession public utility company which provides electricity in the city.

In addition, the Group’s facilities management, alteration and maintenance works and services complement the two key business segments, enabling MECOM to provide seamless one-stop solutions to customers and enter into long term contracts with customers that mitigate the effects of industry cycles, which in turn provide a stable alternative income source.

In terms of environmental protection and new energy business, the Group has built two large-scale solar power generation system projects in Macau, and launched the electric vehicle charging business in the Greater Bay Area under the brand "MU".