We, MECOM Power and Construction Limited, have become aware of an APP, calling itself “ܽAPP” (the “Unrelated APP”), allegedly stating that it is related to MECOM Power and Construction Limited.
MECOM Power and Construction Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively the “Group”) is deeply concerned about the Unrelated APP, and hereby solemnly declares that the Group has no connection whatsoever with the operations and activities taken or to be taken by any person or entity referred to or in connection with the Unrelated APP. Investors and the public are hereby advised not to confuse the Company and the Group with the Unrelated APP.
We also declare that, neither the Company nor any subsidiaries within the Group offers any financial or investment services as claimed in the Unrelated APP.
The Company hereby reserves all rights to pursue legal action against any party for infringement of the Company’s legal rights, including impersonation of the corporate names and/or trade marks of any company within the Group.
We will also report the Unrelated APP and any related suspicious, dishonest or fraudulent act to the relevant government authorities.
Should you have any enquiries regarding this declaration, please email us at
25th September, 2021
MECOM Power and Construction Limited